XML Infoset and XPath Recommendation

The W3C released the XML Recommendation which defines the parts of an XML document tags, elements, content, attribute specifications and so on), along with some ancillary processing instructions and declarations

Infoset Recommendation

The Infoset Recommendation is the most recent of the Recommendations, promulgated in October 2001. Infoset is a commonly used abbreviation for Information Set. The purpose of the Infoset Recommendation is to standardize terminology by describing an object-oriented data structure that captures the abstract tree structure of elements in an XML document. In an XML document a string of characters, the structure is a nested partition delimited by tags. Many of the elements described by these tags contain data between start-tags and end-tags. In an XML infoset, an object-oriented structure mirrors the tags in an XML document, with data characters being the leaves of the abstract tree structure

XPath Recommendation

The XPath Recommendation is one of the earlier XML related Recommendations, released in November 1999. An XPath is a mechanism for navigating through an XML document hierarchy. The XPath notation is intentionally similar to widely accepted URI path notation XPaths are not XML. An XPath can provide the location of a schema, sets of schema components, or individual schema components. Additionally, a subset of the XPath notation provides a language for specifying elements for identity constraints

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