Decimal to Binary Conversion by Excel Formula

The below example lets you understand how to convert decimal number to its binary equivalent. This Decimal to Binary conversion have been achieved by using Excel formula DEC2BIN(number,places). The first argument of this formula is the numbers which is to be converted to binary. the second argument is the number of binary bits to represent binary equivalent. The most significant bit is the sign bit and the rest are magnitude bits. Places is useful for padding the return value with leading 0s. The rules should be followed when performing the conversion
1. The number ranges between -512 and 512, otherwise DEC2BIN() returns #NUM! error value
2. The inputs number and places should be numeric otherwise DEC2BIN() returns #VALUE! error value
3. The places value truncated if it is fraction value
4. Places should not be negative number



Decimal to Binary Conversion by Excel Formula Example

Decimal to Binary Conversion Excel Formula

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