Binary to Hex Conversion by Formula BIN2HEX() in Excel

BIN2HEX() Excel Formula

This Excel Formula BIN2HEX() is to convert Binary Number to HEX Number. The argument of this function is the Binary Number which cannot contain more than 10 characters or 10 bits. It will return the error #NUM! when it exceeds more than 10 bits. The most significant bit that is the first bit represents sign bit and the remaining 9 bits are magnitude bits and the negative numbers are represented using two's-complement notation

Places is the number and it should be positive numeric; of characters to use and if it is not an integer, it is truncated. If places is omitted, BIN2HEX uses the minimum number of characters necessary. Places is useful for padding the return value with leading 0s
BIN2HEX() Syntax

Excel Function to Convert Binary Number to HEX

Binary to HEX Conversion by BIN2HEX() Excel Formula

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