How to Check website availability

Steps/ Ways Check your website's current status

If your business is running with the help of interest then its important that your website should be available for all the time i.e 100% uptime. So there are some important to be concerned to focus to have your website available for all the time.
Ways to increase your website available

1. Choosing a right Hosting Company:
Whenever you choose a web hosting company you need to choose a best and affordable website hosting service like godaddy, hostgator, znetindia . Analyze the review for that hosting company.

2. Optimize your website:
Always optimize the pages and db queries, server side processing.

3. If your website generate more revenue than go for high level server configuration and higher packages like dedicated VPS hosting, dedicated server.

4. Check your website with Website/ Server monitoring.
There are some online and offline website monitoring software and services are available. Using those monitoring service we can monitor the website in those service with periodic interval like 1 min, 3 min, 5 min and so on. This will notify us when the website/ server goes down or in trouble.

5. If your website have limited bandwidth transfer then periodically check the used bandwidth limits and go for alternate solution.

6. Reduce the Page loading time. Use yslow addon to check whether your website / webpage having less loading time.

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