Tips to Increase Alexa Rank for a Website

Increase Alexa Rank Quickly for your Website

Alexa is one of the major service to measure the Website ranking. Normally Alexa rank was tracked by using the alexa toolbar. Once you install alexa toolbar in your browser addon it will start tracks the website you are visiting and it will collect the hole data from each user. Using those data the rank of each website calculated in daily basis. Here there are few tips to increase you alexa rank in a quick time.

List of Seven Tips to increase Alexa rank for your website/ blog
1. Install Alexa Addon in your browser and visit your site daily atleast once a day.
2. Add an Alexa rank widget on your website/ blog. Each click will be counted as a visitor.
3. Ask your friends and colleagues to use the Alexa toolbar. also ask them to rate your Alexa website profile and add review about your website.
4. Try to bring more visitors from stumble and digg this will increase your website traffic
5. If possible add webmaster related topics. Because most of the webmasters uses Alexa toolbar. So you can write and post articles related to SEO, Webmaster
6. Visit your website's profile in alexa regularly. For's site profile see
7. Buy Text or Banner links from webmaster forums. A will displayed ad will bring more webmaster to your website and it will help you to Increase the alexa rank a lot.

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