Addon domain vs Subdomain

This will help you to compare the Addon Domain versus Subdomains. In both cases we have to map the domain name with current hosting account.

What is Addon Domain

In single hosting account we can host multiple websites which can be done by using Addon Domains.
For Example: You like single hosting account for 10 websites, Then you register your hosting space which points a single domain(that domain name will be set while buying hosting space). After that you can login to the hosting control panel there you have option to add Addon Domains those addon domain names will point to subdirectories within your account. -> ~/public_html/addon-domain1 -> ~/public_html/addon-domain2 -> ~/public_html/addon-domain3

What is Sub Domain

In order to create a subdomain there is no need to register a sub domain name. This can be done by just adding subdomain entry from your hosting control panel. -> ~/public_html/subdomain -> ~/public_html/addon-domain/subdomain

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