How to Set Default Document in web.config

Setting Default document in ISS Server using web.config

IIS7 includes an all-new distributed configuration option, which allows for IIS7 configuration to be stored in web.config files, along with configuration, will be deployed with your content. This will makes your development box into your hosted server as easy as file copy.
In this post. To add or change a default document for your Web site.
Follow the below procedures:
In this case I'm adding index.php as a default document / file .

1. create a web.config file in your application directory
2. edit it as follows:

<add value="index.php" />

IIS7 monitors web directories for the web.config file, and will notice any time a file with this name is created or changed. It reads the configuration in the file and merges at that time IIS will make index.php as default document.

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