How to Block Unwanted Websites in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Add-on for Blocking Websites

Some situations some of the websites should be blocked to get displayed in the browser. Mozilla firefox can get this job done freely by using the Mozilla add-on Blocksite. You can download it from the URL BlockSite is an extension, which automatically blocks websites of your choice. Blocksite extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the hyperlink text without the clicking functionality. The feature associated with this mozilla add-on enable users to set the password that helps prevent unwanted changes to BlockSite by others

1. Open the Mozilla firefox, copy and paste the above mentioned URL and hit the Enter key

2. Click on the button Continue & Download

3. Click on the button Add to Firefox this action can prompt you to install the addon. Click on the install button will install the add-on with the Mozilla firefox browser

4. Close and Restart your Mozilla browser to start using of Blocksite add-on

5. Go to Tools ➪ Add-ons ➪ BlockSite ➪ Preferences and check whether all the buttons like Blacklist, Enable BlockSite, Enable warning messages and Enable link removal are selected

6. By checking Enable authentication will prompt you to provide the password to keep other users from deleting blocked websites or changing the settings in BlockSite without your permission

7. Click on the Add button to add the websites to be blocked and click on the OK button. You can Add and Remove any websites in and from the websites list. Once you have added the websites just Restart Mozilla Firefox will enable the actions you have selected with the blocksite add-on

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