Apple Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows Dual Boot by Boot Camp

Apple Mac PC Dual Boot: Mac OS X and Windows Operating System

Dual Boot is defined as a computer that is configured to boot, or to start up, in two different operating systems, depending on which the user chooses at any one time. The most important example of this currently is on Apple’s Macintosh computers, which now can be set up to run either the Mac operating system or Microsoft Windows using Apple’s free dual-boot software, called Boot Camp. This is a walk through for dual-booting Windows and Mac OS X on a single computer, assuming you have only one hard disk

1. Get your computer backup before configuring your machine for Windows and Mac OS X dual booting. The option Time machine is an easiest way to get your machine backed up in an external hard disk and make use of off-site services that will periodically mirror selected files and folders on your machine

2. Read the Boot Camp manual carefully. Have the document opened in another computer or printed on the paper

3. Check out the amount of available free disk space on your machine. Check the system requirements for the Windows OS installation, and make sure you have at least that much of space available

4. Click on the Utilities folder >> Applications folder, there you can find the Boot Camp Assistant application. Run the Boot Camp Application

5. Verify the size of the partition for the Windows installation. Fifteen GigaBytes is a good minimum size, but making an allowance for the intended use of the Windows installation, you may need more

6. Continue to follow Boot Camp's directions and install Windows, following the steps laid out for your particular version of Windows

7. Keep in mind to select the partition you created for the Windows installation. Don’t select any other partition which has installed other application. It may harm your machine
8. Format the desired partition

9. Follow the directions for setting up Windows once the computer boots into the new environment

10. Install the necessary drivers

11. Insert the version of OS X installed on your computer

12. Browse to the Boot Camp folder and run setup.exe

13. Follow the directions. Your computer will restart during this process. Continue to follow the directions and Wizards that appear

14. Select the Operating System by Up or Down arrow keys while the computer boot

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