How to solve iPhone 3G Temperature Issues

How to Cool Down iPhone Temperature

iPhone 3G monitors its internal temperature. If the temperature exceeds Apple specifications, the iPhone begins reducing power consumption which reduces heat generation and can automatically power itself off to protect internal components
The iPhone must cool down before resuming use

The iPhone 3G follows these steps:
1. Battery charging is disabled
2. Display brightness dims, cellular transmission power is reduced
3. Applications close, phone calls end, a Temperature alert message (below) appears
a) If a Temperature alert message appears, only emergency calls may be possible. If not making emergency calls, power off the iPhone
Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears, then slide it

b) Move the iPhone to a cooler location and let it cool down for several minutes before resuming use
Note: If the iPhone has already powered off due to excessive internal temperature, the alert message will not be seen

4. iPhone 3G powers off

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