How to Clean iPhone Dock Connector

iPhone Dock Connector Cleaning Procedure

Follow this procedure to remove dirt, debris or other foreign matter trapped in the dock connector.
iPhone Dock Connector Cleaning Tools
1. Anti-Static Brush
2. Anti-Static Tweezers
3. Compressed-Gas Duster (Important: Follow all product safety precautions)

Dock Connector Cleaning Procedure
1. Turn off the iPhone (red slider).
2. Blow out any fine debris with the compressed-gas duster.
Important: To prevent liquid gas (white spray) from being sprayed into the port:
Never shake or agitate the compressed-gas duster canister, or lay it on its side.
Hold the can upright, never tilt the can or spray the can upside-down.
Before each use, clear the nozzle of any liquid gas: Hold the can upright, point the nozzle away from you, and spray several times until the stream is clear.

3. If needed, delicately brush out debris or lint. Be careful not to damage the contacts along the top of the connector pin rail.
4. If needed, use anti-static tweezers to pull out any large pieces of debris or lint

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