How to Clean iPhone Speaker and Microphone

iPhone Speaker and Microphone Cleaning Procedure

iPhone Audio performance issues can be a result of dirt, debris or other foreign matter trapped in the iPhone microphone or speaker covers (holes on the bottom of the iPhone), such as:
1. Low or distorted speaker volume while playing music or during a hands-free call.
2. Muffled low volume or distorted microphone.

iPhone Cleaning Tools:
Compressed-Gas Duster (Important: Follow all product safety precautions)
1. Turn off the iPhone (red slider).
2. To prevent damage to the mesh, hold the compressed-gas duster nozzle at least 1mm from the mesh. 3 direct short bursts from the compressed-gas duster directly at the mesh can blow out debris. Use in less than 5 second bursts.
Important: To prevent liquid gas (white spray) from being sprayed into the port:
i. Never shake or agitate the compressed-gas duster canister, or lay it on its side.
ii. Hold the can upright when using. Never tilt the can or spray the can upside-down.
iii. Before each use, clear the nozzle of any liquid gas: Hold the can upright, point the nozzle away from you, and spray several times until the stream is clear.

3. Apply 1 short burst at both ends at an angle to blow out any remaining debris.

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