What are the Advantages of Struts?

Advantages Of Struts MVC Framework

Struts follow MVC framework. So the JSP, Java and Action classes are organized and easily maintainable. Struts offer many advantages to the application programmer while reducing the development time and making the manageability of the application easier.
Advantages of Struts:
Centralized Configuration :
Rather than hard coding information into java programs,many Struts values are represented in XML or property files. Struts_config.xml file is the place from where you can get all information about your web application. This is organized. Your Action class , Form bean and JSP page information is in Struts_config.xml so don't need to search . All info in one place.
Form Beans
Don't need to set the form vales to your value object . When you want to capture data from a form ( In the servlet you do request.getParameter()).
In the struts you don't need to do explicitly request.getParameter(). Struts request processor will do for you. All the input data will be set to form bean.
Bean Tags :
Struts provides a set of custom JSP tags (bean:write,in particular) that let you easily output the properties of JavaBeans components.
Basically,these are concise and powerful variations of the standard jsp:useBean and jsp:getProperty tags.
HTML tags :
Struts provides a set of custom JSP tags to create HTML forms that are associated with JavaBeans components.
Form Field Validation :
Apache Struts has built-in capabilities for checking that form values are in the required format.If values are missing or in an improper format,the form can be automatically redisplayed with error messages and with the previously entered values maintained. This validation can be performed on the server (in Java),or both on the server and on the client (in JavaScript).

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