How to Add Facebook Layout or Wallpapers to your Profile

Facebook User Profile Layout and Wallpapers Set-up

You will be noticed that it includes Information, Status, Friends, Friends in Other Networks, Photos, Notes, Groups, and The Wall when building facebook profile. Users are allowed to have customized their profile page in facebook. These are all the below simple steps to Customize your facebook profile page

1. Create a facebook account, if you don't have one before

2. Log into your account

3. Click on the profile tab

4. Start adding your basic profile information like birth date, sex, city, hometown, relationship information, likes, interests, education, employment, movies, Music and much more. You can leave the options that you don't wish to answer

5. Uploading your profile image so that users can find out you easier

How To Customize Your facebook Profile
1. Go to the website and find out the the layout for your profile. You can either setup a lay out for your facebook profile page or all of your pages in your facebook account

2. Install the application on your Facebook account

3. Login to your Facebook account

4. Once you have installed the application you can always go back to the to find another layout

5. When you create Facebook layouts with the PageRage CYOL tool, separate images can be used for the left curtain, right curtain, and/or background. You can choose any color you want for your Facebook text, and then move on to profile transparency options and naming your layout

6. Once you save and publish, you can see an overview of what the layout looks like, or go back to your Facebook Profile and refresh the page to see your new layout. You can also share your layout with your friends as well as the rest of the PageRage community in the public gallery. The PageRage community is a great place to find ideas, get help on how to create Facebook layouts, and interact and meet other users who design custom Facebook layouts

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