Calculate How Many Times URL have been Shared on Facebook

How to Calculate Particular URL Sharing on Facebook

This is bit interesting to see how many times a URL have been shared on the most popular social networking website Facebook has the application is the tool which allows you to calculate How mayn Times the given URL have been shared and How many comments it has received so far

For example, if you want to see How many times this URL have been shared

1. Just open your web browser, it may be anyone such as mozilla firefox, google chrome or internet explorer

2. Copy and Paste this URL into the browser's address bar

3. Add the URL after for which the number of sharing and comments have to be calculated
For example, it will look like

4. Once you got the URL in browser address bar, just hit the Enter button will show you the above said details
The output of above example is given below, this count have been taken on 11-May-2011
"id": "",
"shares": 3590655,
"comments": 2

5. Replace the URL with the desired URL for which you want to have the count and hit Enter will give you the facebook count stats

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