How to Create Facebook Fan Page

How to Setup Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page integration is the new advertising platform to promote anything such as businesses, places, organizations, Institutions, Artist, Public figures, Entertainment, Cause, Community, blogs, bands, books etc in a great way. You can easily connect, network and promote your information through Facebook Fan pages across more than 500 million people Facebook network. It can take only few minutes to create your facebook fan page

To create the facebook fan pages, just follow the below steps

1. Create a personal facebook account. If you already have facebook account log into it

2. Copy and paste the URL and hit Enter. There you can have the options to create facebook fanpages for Business, Places, Company, Organization, Product, Persons, Entertainment and Community. Alternatively you can find the option to create a fan page at the right side bottom of the home page

3. Select the right that best suits for your needs. For example If you are selling products, you can create a Facebook Fan pages by selecting the option clicking on Brand or Product

4. Fill with the necessary details according to your selection

5. Enable I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and Press the button Get Started

6. Once you got pressed the Get Started button, you will be redirected to your newly created facebook fan page

7. Add some information, if required, you can fill all the details prompted in facebook fan page such as Add an image, Invite your friends, Tell your fans, Post status updates, Promote this Page on your website, Set up your mobile phone

8. You can switch back between fan pages and personal account any time. to switch back click on Account and select Use Facebook as Page. This action will pop out the window with the existing fan pages associated with your account. Select Switch to get a newsfeed and notifications for that page. You'll also be able to interact with other pages as your page

This fan page will be publicly available to everyone. User can follow your updates provided in the fan page profile once they have liked it Fan Pages Reason for Popularity
1. Fan pages are public and search engines can index the page
2. Facebook fan Pages are public so you can get some link credit pages include links
3. You can send Product, Websites, Information etc Updates to Fans whenever you want. This is one of the greatest ways to get your fans updated
4. You can get the complete control of the Fan Page that you can send the messages, edit or remove sections, and control the entire information to an extent
5. Newsfeed updates to your fans when someone joined in your facebook fan page newly unless they have turned this off

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