How to Enable Group Chat Instant Messenger on Facebook

Facebook Instant Messenger Group Chat Enabling

Facebook Instant Chat Messenger is a Facebook application that allows you and your friends to have the Instant Messaging on Facebook. Once you added your friends list on Facebook, you'll be able to create a chat room for you and all of your friends to chat together in. Facebook Instant Messenger has a group chat function that is what the gmail chat doesn't have so you can chat with several friends all at the same time. Invite or Start adding your friends on facebook and enjoy the group chat option in facebook. Once they have accepted the Invitation of you now you can chat with your friends in the friends list. For enabling facebook Instant Messenger for group chat you have to do little more to get connected with your friends on chat room together in. Follow these simple steps to add the facebook members in Group Chat

1. As long as you are logged into your Facebook account you can see option to Create Group in the main menu at the left hand side of your browser. To start the Group chat in Facebook, You will need to create the Group first. Click on the Create Group icon to create the Group

2. Enter your Group Name

3. Invite members to join your Facebook group. You can invite Facebook friends by choosing them from friend list found on the page or choose other friends, not yet on Facebook, by adding their email address to the email address box that is directly under the friend list

4. There is an Option to set your privacy. you can customize it for your own. You have the options such as Open, Closed and Secret. You can set the privacy preference for Group Chat on your own desire

5. Click on the button Create

6. Now you have successfully created your own group that will enable you to chat with the selected friends together in the group chat. The Group Name now will be displayed on the main menu and just above the Create Group icon

7. Now Click on the Group Name. This action will show you the little word bubble at the right side bottom of your browser with the group name

8. To start a chat, click on the group name that will show you the people those who are in online and you can chat with them. If they're listed, but not online, you can still send them a message that they'll read later

9. Now just type a message into the smaller bottom text box, then click on send. All of your friends in that group will be able to see your message and will then be able to chat back with you

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