Mysql Import Dump file in Command line

Import MySQL dump file from Command Line

We can export the dump file using mysqldump with the help of the below command

$ mysqldump <database_name> -u<user_name> -p >> sql_export_file.sql

Once you execute the above command the specified database will be exported into sql_export_file.sql. In order to import the dumped Mysql file just follow the below steps.
1. Login to mysql in command prompt with the below command

$ mysql -u root -p

2. Then create new Database to install the dump file.

mysql> create database database_name

3. By executing the above mysql command the specified database will created. To check whether the database is created or not by executing command " show databases ". Now select the database by using mysql command

mysql> use database_name

4. To import the sql file into the current database using mysql command source

mysql> source sql_export_file.sql

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