How to get Back Links from RSS, Atom Feed

How to Increase Back Link to your website using RSS, Atom Feeds

RSS Feed is one of the easy way to increase backlink to your website.
1. You can submit the rss feed link to popular feed reader sites like bloglines, google reader, my yahoo, live and more. This will help the search engine to find new pages in your website using those feeds. Once you submitted the feeds to search engine then it will start checking the new entries in that rss/ atom feed in a periodic time
2. Submit the feed entries automatically to social networking site like twitter, facebook using twitterfeed. Once you configure your feed in twitterfeed that will keep on checking the new entries once it found new entries it will update it in social networking site which you have configured
3. Add the rss feed in blog sidebar. Which will enables the user to display the latest news/ resource from particular website in their blog.
4. Add your rss feed in netvibs, pageflakes, newsisfree
5. Submit the rss feed in webmaster tool too will also help your website index fast manner.

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