Calculate Standard Deviation in Perl

Perl Script to find Standard Deviation and Mean, Median with example code

In statistics Mean, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation is common term which is mostly used in industry. The below perl program will help us to find the Standard deviation, mean( i.e average), median and mode. Mean is just to find the average of given numbers. You can know more about standard deviation using this Worksheet for Standard Deviation.

//source code standard deviation in perl

use strict;
use warnings;
my @data = <STDIN>;
chomp @data;
@data = sort { $a <=> $b } @data;
if (not @data) {
print "Please give some data to calculate standard deviation
my $total = 0;
foreach my $v (@data) {
$total += $v;

my $average = $total / @data;
my $median = @data % 2 ? $data[(@data-1)/2]
: ($data[@data/2-1]+$data[@data/2])/2

my $sqtotal = 0;
foreach my $v (@data) {
$sqtotal += ($average-$v) ** 2;
my $std = ($sqtotal / @data) ** 0.5;

print "Min: $data[0] Max: $data[-1] Total: $total count: "
. @data . " Mean: $average
print "Median: $median $sqtotal Standard deviation: $std

You can check the result using this online Standard Deviation Calculator

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