PHP Code for Email Inbox Management

The PHP Code for List, Manage and Delete Emails from an Email Account

Email is a one of the most used communication systems around, over which important business decisions are often made, therefore an adequate email management system is vital to any business. For Developers working on Email Management, this below PHP code will help you to design the Inbox for Emails through which you can List, Manage and Delete the emails in the order you want


$title = "Inbox";

require_once ("inc/config.php");
require_once ($basedir."lib/inbox.php"); // The code for your inbox
require_once ($basedir."lib/html.php");

$inbox = new Inbox();
$html = new Html();

if ($_REQUEST['ids_to_delete'])

include ($basedir."inc/header.php"); // The header code of your website
include ($basedir."inc/navbar.php"); //The navigation code of your website

if (isset($_REQUEST['max_msg_id']))
$inbox->max_msg_id = $_REQUEST['max_msg_id'];

if (isset($_REQUEST['delimiter']))
$inbox->delimeter = $_REQUEST['delimiter'];

//next x and previous x links
$nextPrev = $inbox->getNextPrevious();

//local display function

$contents = $inbox->get_Inbox();

//local display function

include ($basedir."inc/footer.php");

//local functions
function display_next_previous() {
global $html,$nextPrev,$inbox;
print $html->table_start('id="nextPrevTable"');
print $html->tr( $html->td($html->a('inbox.php?max_msg_id='.$nextPrev->nextX.'
&delimiter='.$inbox->delimiter,'Next '.$inbox->delimiter) ) .
$html->td( $html->a('inbox.php?max_msg_id='.$nextPrev->prevX.'
&delimiter='.$inbox->delimiter,'Previous '.$inbox->delimiter),
'id="right"' )
print $html->table_end();

function display_inbox($contents) {
global $html,$inbox;
print $html->javascript('confirmEmailDelete.js');
print $html->form_start('method="post"
action="inbox.php" id="inbox" name="inbox" onsubmit=\'return confirmEmailDelete("inbox","ids_to_delete[]");\'');
print $html->javascript('checkAll.js');
print $html->button("value='Check All'
print $html->table_start('id="inboxTable"');


foreach ($contents as $mail) {

$params = ($i%2) ? '' : 'class=\'oddrow\'';

$att_display = ($mail->attachments) ? "<div id='attachment'>A</div>" : "";

print $html->tr(
$html->td($html->checkbox("ids_to_delete[]", $mail->msgno)) .
$html->td($mail->msgno) .
$html->td($att_display) .
$mail->subject, "id='emailLink'") ) .
$html->td($mail->from) .

, $params


print $html->table_end();
print $html->submit("Delete Checked");
print $html->form_end();

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