How to Setting Up a Internal LAN Local Area Network

Follow Directions to Set Up Local Area Network (LAN)

A local area network is a computer network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area such as home, school, computer laboratory or office building. Local area Network allow related and authorized users to share information on a local network through connected multiple computers within your home or organization and allow users to easily share important information, files, programs and the Internet

1. Today setting up the Local Area Network is much easier with low cost networking technology. To connect to the users within an organization or small group of computers setup Internal LAN for easy Intranet and Internet access. Security devices and software for Internal LAN are available in the market less expensive

2. Connect all computers to a hub or switch using Ethernet cords. If you plan on connecting the computers to the Internet through a main gateway computer, that computer will need two Ethernet adapters installed: one to receive the incoming signal from a modem and one to connect to the hub. LANs are set up using Ethernet cables connecting Ethernet cards installed on each computer to a hub, switch or router

3. Buy a Router and Install it in the computer within your LAN area as your server. Attach either a wireless (Wi-Fi) or wired (Ethernet) type of router to your server. Run the software that comes with the router. Follow the directions and hook up appropriate wires between your Internet connection, the router and your server

4. Get the Internet connection from the Internet service provider available in your area. Make other computers to setup internal LAN. Check if you can connect to the network from each computer in your LAN. Give the wire connection properly alongside the wall, if you have preferred wired Internal LAN. Make sure all the computers have the Wi-Fi enabled to setup wireless networking, if you preferred wireless LAN

5. Make sure all the computers connected through a hub or switch or router. Turn on all the computers connected to the hub or switch. Run the network setup wizard on each computer. To access the wizard, go to the Start menu and click on Network, or Network Connections. The wizard will take you through a relatively simple process and configure the computers for networking

6. Add a firewall to your server and to computers on your network to setup internal LAN. See that some routers come with security features, including firewall protection. Use password protection also when installing your router to keep outsiders from accessing your internal LAN

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