How to Reset GNOME Keyring Password on Ubuntu

Change or Reset Ubuntu GNOME Keyring Password

The keyring allows for the management of SSH, GPG and other keys through a central tool and interface. The Ubuntu machine will prompt you to enter your keyring pass phrase in order to unlock additional keys. None of your pass phrases will work if you have become locked out of your keyring. In this situation you may not be able to unlock needed keys, such as passwords, SSH or GPG keys.

Reset GNOME Keyring Password on Ubuntu can be done in Two methods. The Ubuntu Terminal allows to get the job done. You can also Reset Ubuntu GNOME Keyring Password through Graphical Interface.

Where Reset GNOME Keyring Password comes into play. You can delete the keyring contents, including the incorrect or corrupt pass phrase. This will destroy all stored keys in the keyring, requiring that they be re-imported.

To Reset your Ubuntu GNOME Keyring Password from Terminal Window
Go to Applications ➪ Accessories ➪ Terminal
Run the below command in the Terminal window
rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring

The above command will Reset your Keyring pass phrases

To Reset Ubuntu GNOME Keyring Password from Graphical Interface follow the steps below
1. Go to Applications ➪ Accessories ➪ Passwords and Encryption Keys
2. Select the far-right tab Passwords
3. Select your keyring
4. Right-click and attempt Change Password or, if that doesnt work, select Delete

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