Calculate Age in Javascript From Date of Birth

Javascript Code to Calculate Age from date of Birth

Here calculate_Age_From_Date_of_Birth function has two parameters there are original date of birth and final date. These two data should be YYYY-MM-DD format.

function calculate_Age_From_Date_of_Birth(originalDate, dateToCalculateAgeOn) {
if(!(typeof dateToCalculateAgeOn != 'undefined' && dateToCalculateAgeOn)) {
dateToday = new Date();
dateToCalculateAgeOn = dateToday.getFullYear() + '-' + (dateToday.getMonth() + 1) + '-' + dateToday.getDate();
originalDate = originalDate.replace(/[^0-9\-]/g, '').split('-');
dateToCalculateAgeOn = dateToCalculateAgeOn.replace(/[^0-9\-]/g, '').split('-');
ageDetermined = (dateToCalculateAgeOn[0] - originalDate[0]) - 1;
return ageDetermined; // returns age in years

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