Jsp Life Cycle

Life cycle of JSP Pages in J2EE technology

Life of the the jsp page is same as the servlet life cycle.
Once translated the jsp file is just like a servlet.

The life cycle of the jsp page is given below:

1. jspInit(): This method is the called form the init() method.
This method is of interface javax.servlet.jsp.JspPage.
We can override this method. This method will be called once when the container loads the servlet for the first time.
2. _jspService(): This method is called from the servlet's service method.
The container passes the Request and Response objects to this method.
We can't override this method. It is a method of javax.servlet.jsp.HttpJspPage interface.

3. jspDestroy: This method is called by the servlet's destroy() method.
We can override this method. It is a method of javax.servlet.jsp.JspPage interface.
Use the Below Code to test in Real Time.

<title>The lifecycle of jsp page</title>

<h1>Showing the life cycle of jsp using jspInit and jspDestroy</h1>
int num;
int counter;
public void jspInit()
num = 10;

public void jspDestroy()
num = 0;

out.println("The number is " + num + "<br>");
out.println("The counter is " + counter + "<br>");

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