Four and Five( 4 and 5 ) Fingers Multitouch Enabling in iPad

Multi-touch Gesture Enabling in Apple iPad

Four and Five fingers multi-touch is one of the useful feature in apple iPad with iOS 4.3. Actually they haven't included this feature in official release. We can enable this feature without jailbreak your device.
The process which involves downloading Xcode and enabling developer mode for your iPad. You can also download this application from apple iStore.
Steps to enable Four and Five fingers multi-touch

1. Launch Xcode from /Developer/Applications/; of your iPad plugged in.
2. Then it will automatically launch Organizer, where you can click the Use for Development button and jumping to the home screen.
3. Just Enable the Multitasking gesture button in ON mode.
4. Now you can use your four or five fingers to swipe up or down which reveals and hides you the multitasking bar in your iPad, and swipes left or right allow you to switch between apps

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