How to Block Unwanted Calls with Google Voice in iPhone

Google Voice setup in iPhone

Google Voice app is the one which allows you 3 options for unlimited unwanted calls. Google Voice app have as many options to dispose of your unwanted phone calls. This application will ensure you to have a total control of all voice calls.

To ensure Unwanted Calls Block with Google Voice
1. Go to your contact list and select the checkbox next to the contact's name

2. Select Edit Google Voice Settings and select when this contact calls you. Finally choose from the following Options:

1. Send the caller directly to voicemail
Your phone will not ring but they will be able to leave you a message

2. Mark the caller as spam
Again, your phone will not ring and they will be prompted to leave you a message, however, this message is placed in a spam folder set aside from your inbox and you are not notified of a new voice message

3. Block the caller
With this option the caller will be met with the message This number is not in service and they will appear on your missed list as Blocked

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