How to Block Unwanted Phone Calss in iPhone with iBlacklist

Block unwanted Calls with iBlacklist in iPhone

This Application is available for jailbroken iPhones. The iBlacklist app from the Cydia Store is an ideal for blocking unwanted calls and SMS, added to that is the extra feature of a scheduler to ensure you have total control over who can reach you and when. Unlike Google Voice this app may not have as many options to dispose of your calls. But it can also block unwanted messages. But what really sets the iBlacklist apart in the blocking field is the ability to select when you want the calls and SMS to be blocked. From the main menu select Scheduler and select the times during which the caller will be blocked

To block a contact in iblacklist menu
1. Open the app and tap the screen to enable the app. Select blacklist

2. Enter the number you wish to block manually or select Contacts to display the numbers stored on your iPhone and tap the contact

3. Once a contact populates the fields with the name and number, select Add to list

4. Once the contact is in the blacklist, from the menu select Settings Calls to select from hang up, ignore the call, or no action

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