How to Run Debug Android Applications

Running and Debugging Your Android Applications

You’ve created your first project and created the run and debug configurations for it. Before making any changes, test your installation and configurations by running and debugging the Hello World project. From the Run menu, select Run or Debug to launch the most recently selected configuration, or select

1. Open Run Dialog … or Open Debug Dialog … to select a configuration to use.
2. If you’re using the ADT plug-in, running or debugging your application:
3. Compiles the current project and converts it to an Android executable (.dex).
4. Packages the executable and external resources into an Android package (.apk).
5. Starts the emulator (if it’s not already running).
6. Installs your application onto the emulator.
7. Starts your application.
If you’re debugging, the Eclipse debugger will then be attached, allowing you to set breakpoints and debug your code

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