How to Select Best Android Applications

Selecting the Best Android Application

Android is continue to climbing its usage charts due to constant devices and applications created for the Android Mobile OS. These applications can be found at the Android Market which is called as Android Apps Store. You can find more than 10,000 various Android Mobile Phone Applications in Android Apps Store. A huge contributing factor to Androidís popularity growth, the Android Market does not utilize an approval system, allowing almost anyone to make an Android app to share with other users. It is no wonder many Android users think about the safety of purchasing apps through Androidís store. So Selecting and purchasing the Android Application is one of the important security concern. The following tips help you to select a suitable Android Application for you

Application Viruses

It is possible to download an application with an attached virus that is not made for the phone itself but for a PC. The Android OS is similar to Linux in a few aspects and does not have the tendency of having trouble with viruses, making it very secure. There is another aspect to the app installation threat one usually does not consider. So when a user decides to synchronize their infected device to a computer, that computer can become riddled with the virus

Application Spyware and Phishing

The most common way a user falls victim is by installing an application that has a keystroke logger or a type of software made to snatch private information. And with phishing, the user may click on a link to a fake website front that claims to be PayPal or eBay in an attempt to hijack your login information. Android app users should be aware of security threats such as spyware and phishing

Consider the Best Android Application User Rating

All applications for download via Android Market are rated 1-5 stars. The star-rating system can give the user a general idea about what apps to install and what apps to pass up. It is recommended to only install applications with a 4-5 star rating; anything with three or fewer stars should be avoided altogether

Consider the User Comments on Android Applications

Android Market applications do not only have star ratings, but also user comments. The opinions of other Droid users are the ideal tool for anyone who is on the fence about an app installation. From these comments, users can highlight an emerging issue with the device model itself

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